Heino Dahmen, born September 1960 near Cologne, Germany. He has been a vibrant Judoka since the age of 6 years and for about 20 years now, a specialized MA grabbling instructor.
            While he was still a child, Heino started to work at a Taxi company near his home town as a part-time cleaner and started his first Moped garage at the age of 12 years in his father’s Garage and has been a dedicated Biker ever since and a custom bike builder, He calls his “No Paint” creation his best so far on two wheels. It was complete home design with too much to list but basically 93 KG dry weight with 65 HP from a single cylinder.
            It was his Stunt-Bike until he left Germany. His interest in manual labour, crafts and engineering was dominant and finally he signed up as an apprentice for roof-making and related metal works in 1975. Apart from a mandatory stop in the German Army, he landed himself in the most recognized Master School for Roofing in Mayen, Germany.
            With his first Master of Craft in the pocket in 1983, he took over the operation of “Stefan Merscher GmbH & Co. KG” and was a pioneer for flat green roofs in Germany and came up with the first functional demonstration Roof Garden on the company building in Huerth. Increasing success with the Roof Gardens and Green Roofs allowed him to follow his passion and education in mechanical engineering, and he finally left Germany to settle in Kenya.
            With the mechanical engineering skills acquired, he ran a specialized vehicle workshop in Hermuehlheim, and he developed a variety of custom bikes and cars many based on the very humble Citroen 2 CV and other brutal with V8 “My civil engineering skills allow me to live a good life. With my life’s’ passion, the mechanical and Perma-Engineering, I take the liberty to do only what I want and if it feels good”, Heino says for this short bio.
            In his late 50’s now, he is still a fitness freak and instructor, runs a Marina in Mtwapa, Mombasa Kenya and a special vehicle design shop.
            He is the mentor, Trainer and Sponsor for “Fundi Kipusa” a CBO, focused on specialized engineering solutions for developing societies, working towards food self-sufficiency with the I-Pot Maxi and mobility with Chapchap Bikes. He has done countless designs and prototypes in his career, and educated more than 100 trainees into self-employed craftsmen. He is a registered Master of Craft in Germany/ Registration in the Chamber of Craft in Koblenz from 18.05.1984