ChapChap Project

           ChapChap Bikes is a Fundi Kipusa initiative, a local CBO based in Mtwapa, Kenya. The ChapChap Project is aimed at enhancing small scale sustainable transportation as well as developing technology that will help reducing the number of small transport vehicles that contribute highly to emissions into our atmosphere. This is currently a big problem in African and Asian Mega cities. All our research and development is aimed at providing sustainable working solutions.

           Our project started after observing the number of accidents involving boda bodas and we wanted to build a more stable vehicle. As we were developing the ChapChap, we saw the need in small comfortable transport for hospitals and the police. Due to the nature of our location, we saw that the roads were narrow due to unplanned land subdivision with sharp turns that are not ideal for motor vehicles and thus the need for a versatile, fast vehicle that would get to emergency scenes fast to respond to sick or injured persons to be taken to hospital ar for the police to visit crime scenes while they are fresh before crowd contamination in any location despite the state of the access roads.

                      We have been using the ChapChap in our community as an Ambulance that has been transporting the sick, abused persons, defiled children from homes to the hospital and social services.
           The Police have also used the ChapChap for patrols in their Mtwapa jurisdiction. They have responded to crimes in a timely manner, accidents and even raided drug dens easier as the ChapChap would not be easily recognized as a police car.
           The ChapChap has been used in place of a TukTuk to ferry goods to the markets by farmers and vendors to their kiosks. The ChapChap is a good delivey 'van' to say as it is designed with ample room for goods. The new and upcoming middleclass and young jobless people will benefit from the ChapChap as a mean of creating business. All Kenyans will benefit from the wide spread use of the ChapChap in Police Patrol and Health work.
           The community has derived benefits in many ways from the ChapChap. In one instance, a defiled nine year old girl was taken to hospital at Mtwapa Health Center and medical staff at the clinic with the girls used the same ChapChap to go to the Police Station to report the crime. It has taken hundreds of sick and pregnant women to the hospital or delivered new babies to their homes and transferred the very sick from the Health Centre to the next fastest possible means to take the very sick to referral hospitals. The community has enjoyed a lower crime rate over the Christmas period of 2015, by the admission of the OCS Mtwapa, due to the knowledge in the community of the availability of a fast transport means to crime scenes It has created jobs for the drivers and the fabricators who built it. These are just the hard fact benefits that we experienced during testing. Every village can have an Ambulance and Police Patrols in affordable ways. Women can use “Kadogo Transport” with more dignity and safety will improve overall, because we at Fundi Kipusa work with the standards of the good old Safari Rally car builders.


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